Let her know about your amazing plans for second date (“CASUALLY”)

Yes we know that till now you are not sure that weather she had a good time with you or not, but you can set the butterflies in her stomach free by discussing about some great places, restaurants, night clubs etc., where you can go to experience something different. Now it’s a bit delicate so  make sure that you does not push for it so hard, just casually pass the idea and let that idea grow in her mind/heart by itself [Yes we are making our very own INCEPTION]


Share your great memories with her

Ok, so we can feel for you when you got stuck at a point where you don’t know what else to say and at the same time you want to leave a good impression on her.

What to do in this situation?

Best answer is “SHARE SOME GREAT MEMORIES” with her.

Sometimes the best way to make the other person feel comfortable is by sharing memories which you feel are appropriate and best. The other person will also feel connected as you are sharing something PERSONAL with her. So go on and share something which you always cherish.

sweet memries.jpg