You Know Who’s Real

If one was to ask what the most major issue with online dating, the answer would most certainly be fake accounts. These fake accounts use pictures from other people and pass them off as their own in an attempt to con or scam you for money or personal information!

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Smooch With Me, after careful consideration came up with an easy solution to verify whether the account belongs to the actual person. Everyone is required to upload a 5 second video of themselves for the verification process so that Smooch With Me knows that the user is actually who he/she says to be. Not only does this allow you to know that the person is really who they claim to be, but you also get too see how they look without any Photoshop or filters!

Online Dating Sites

Millions of people use various dating sites in order to find their Mr. or Mrs. right but what most find is a major headache and violation of your personal information! Most online dating sites make close to no effort in making sure that your information and you stay safe or that you actually find someone that won’t stop talking about his ex-wife for hours. Unlike other dating sites, Smooch With Me actually cares and makes all possible efforts to make sure your online dating experience is one of ease and satisfaction.

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We know how important your security and privacy is, thus, we put in the extra effort to make sure you remain safe and find someone you would be more than willing to fall in love with. There are a lot of steps we take to protect your privacy but some more prominent security features we provide are as follows.

Let her know about this AWESOME time you just had

Make it crystal clear in your mind in advance, that DO NOT HESITATE in telling her, that you just had an AMAZING time with her. ..

You are going to score two goals with this.


First, its human nature that everyone likes to hear that “they are a great company”,

So we can assure that she is also going to LOVE it.

Second, she will prefer meeting you instead of her friends etc. as you are the one who enjoys her company THE MOST.


Let her know about your amazing plans for second date (“CASUALLY”)

Yes we know that till now you are not sure that weather she had a good time with you or not, but you can set the butterflies in her stomach free by discussing about some great places, restaurants, night clubs etc., where you can go to experience something different. Now it’s a bit delicate so  make sure that you does not push for it so hard, just casually pass the idea and let that idea grow in her mind/heart by itself [Yes we are making our very own INCEPTION]


Share your great memories with her

Ok, so we can feel for you when you got stuck at a point where you don’t know what else to say and at the same time you want to leave a good impression on her.

What to do in this situation?

Best answer is “SHARE SOME GREAT MEMORIES” with her.

Sometimes the best way to make the other person feel comfortable is by sharing memories which you feel are appropriate and best. The other person will also feel connected as you are sharing something PERSONAL with her. So go on and share something which you always cherish.

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Make her Laugh or at least laugh with her

Yes, you heard it right, it’s as simple as it comes. Sense of humour is something which will work for you in both ways. If you are making her laugh with this quality of yours then she will find you really IRRESISTABLE. On the other hand, the sound of your laughter will also work in your favour as it will make her feel that she has a great sense of humour. So yes, it is a Win-win situation for you.

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Get involved in her talks

Listen to her and take interest in her life, job, family or anything else she wants to have conversation about is a MUST for first date. To gain a clear picture of who they are dating they also want you to take genuine interest in what they are saying. So before start fantasizing about other things make sure to get involved in the other person’s sincere talks as well.


Dating Tips for Men for HIS first date

This is the post excerpt.

Make sure that you makes a positive impact on the person you are meeting for the first time on a date and doesn’t messed it up completely. Let’s be honest, that’s the last thing in this world you LOVE BIRDS want. So here are some nice dating tips to make that day memorable for you:

1) Get involved in her talks

2) Make her Laugh or at least laugh with her

3) Share your great memories with her

4) Let her know about this AWESOME time you just had

5) Let her know about your amazing plans for second date (“CASUALLY”)